Thank you!

Thank you all who auditioned for this year’s Shakespeare Festival and sharing your talents with us!

Petaluma Shakespeare needs volunteers!

There are lots of volunteer opportunities.
On performance nights we need ushers, concessions, and all kinds of audience services.
For behind the scenes production support we need help with costume construction, set construction, props, general production assistance, etc.
Email the Artistic Director what you are interested in 


Shakespeare’s Heartbeat

Shakespeare’s Heartbeat comes to Sonoma County!

Are you hoping to give the young people in your life a fun way to grow while connecting with others? The Zoom-based Shakespeare’s Heartbeat classes from Eureka Street Learning might fill the bill.

Shakespeare’s Heartbeat is an active class that uses the heartbeat rhythm of Shakespeare’s words and the physicality of his characters to develop communication and life skills. This program is designed for people with autism but is fun and beneficial for everyone. Studies show that Shakespeare’s Heartbeat improves:

    • Eye contact
    • Emotional expression and vocal intonation
    • Ability to self-regulate
    • Recognition of personal space
    • Social interaction
    • Flexibility with change

Classes are available for middle- and high-school students. Adult classes will be coming soon.

To find out about joining one of the Zoom-based Shakespeare’s Heartbeat classes, please email Eureka Street Learning at